Alumni Christmas Market Held at United Academy premises

December 26, 2022
Last updated January 05, 2023
Alumni Christmas Market Held at United Academy premises

On December 23, 2022, the United Alumni Association held a Christmas market. Following Alumn Mela, it was the second significant event that United Alumni had organized. This event's goals went beyond simply celebrating Christmas; they included introducing the current students to the alumni, forging strong bonds, and preparing them to take over and run the alumni association in the future. The United Academy staff, current students, alumni, and their friends and families were invited to the event.

The Christmas Market started at 10:30 AM and there was participation of approximately 1500 people throughout the day. The crowd was immaculate and the most supportive all day. We provided a platform for our graduates to promote their businesses and set up stalls for a day on the United Academy grounds. There were 14 stalls total, including ones selling various foods and smoothies, face painting, clothing and other items, artwork, race auto, United Academy 25th-year merchandise, and game booths.

We created a beautiful Christmas decoration to welcome our current students and alumni. When alumni from various batches began to attend and interact with one another, the event began to get more interesting. In fact, it was a fantastic chance to expand your network. After being away for so long, they were happy to return and reconnect with their college friends and the United personnel. The vendors did a fantastic job of promoting their goods and services to the large gathering. One of our United School alumni-owned Music Art and Gallery Café held a lucky draw event and awarded the first winner with a stunning Green Buddha painting and the second with another outstanding work of art. The president of the United Alumni Association and owner of the Race Auto showroom, Kumaripati, Nirmal Sigdel distributed free t-shirts, cups, and helmets from TVS Uni Ride to various recipients. The students gave a few song performances, which added to the event's joy and excitement.

The Christmas market overall was a huge success, allowing everyone to celebrate Christmas with loved ones and create a special bond. The students and staff of United Academy praised us for the refreshment the event provided them as we came to a happy conclusion. The United Alumni Association will make sure to hold more future events, as well as continue to promote their alumni's businesses and expand the networking community on an annual basis.

Monika Poudel
Managing Director
United Alumni Association