Society of Agricultural Scientists Nepal

NASRI Complex, Khumaltar, Lalitpur

Salient Features


  • Protect and promote the professional rights, dignity, integrity, and welfare of the members of the SAS-Nepal.
  • Suggest the Government of Nepal (GoN) in formulating policy and resolving the problems related to agriculture.
  • Organize national and international workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. on the topics relating to the existing status of agricultural science and technology for increasing agricultural production and productivity, making conclusions and recommendations for resolving various relevant problems.
  • Publish agriculture-related booklets, compendia of research findings, scientific journal, and proceedings that are useful to farmers, extension, scientists, students and related persons.
  • Organize various programs for the SAS-Nepal members to share their research experiences among themselves and to coordinate their activities with national and international institutions.
  • Provide consultancy services to various domestic and foreign institutions as required.
  • Exchange cooperation with various organizations of agriculture and other related professional organizations and institutions, maintaining a cordial relationship with them.

About Society of Agricultural Scientists Nepal

The agricultural scientists have been actively contributing to the advancement of agricultural science, ensuring food and nutrition security, and promoting agrobiodiversity conservation. The pursuit of excellence in agriculture requires the collaboration of various organizations and societies. Agricultural scientists strive to stay engaged and up-to-date with knowledge and technology, despite encountering challenges in their work. A collective approach is generally deemed most effective in achieving success in agricultural science. In line with this, the Society of Agricultural Scientists, Nepal (SAS-Nepal) was conceived and established in 1995 by scientists from the Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC). SAS-Nepal serves as a professional organization, providing a common platform for agricultural scientists and researchers across Nepal and abroad, spanning various agricultural and related institutions and fields. It officially registered with the District Administration Office in Lalitpur on June 05, 1995, with registration no. 490/051/52. SAS-Nepal is a non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit organization dedicated to guiding the nation in matters of agriculture, with its activities spanning the entire country.


The SAS-Nepal aims to bring agricultural scientists and researchers of Nepal to a common forum by way of protecting their professional integrity and improving the standard of their research works to contribute to a common goal of the country’s economic development through the growth of the agricultural sector.