Rato Bangala Foundation


Rato Bangala Foundation (RBF) is a non-profit organization that works to ensure that all Nepali children have access to a high-quality education. RBF has operated as a training institute since its foundation in 2002, providing several sorts of training to primary and secondary school teachers. It works together with Bank Street College of Education in New York and Kathmandu University in Nepal to provide an in-service Primary Teacher Training Programme.

Salient Features

Facilities at the Foundation

The Foundation occupies two stories of a building, within the Premises of the Rato Bangala School but is a separate entity. The Foundation comprises a total of 6 office rooms for all staff members which includes the publications Department, an office for the accountant, a room for the trainers etc. In addition the Foundation consists of two large training rooms for long and short term training purposes.

About Rato Bangala Foundation

RBF focuses on improving classroom procedures to help schools retain children by providing a meaningful education in a child-friendly atmosphere. This is especially important in government schools, where there is a great demand for such development. The goal of RBF to increase educational quality aligns well with the primary objectives of the United Nations' Education-for-All project and the Millennium Development Goals. With 23 years of experience at Rato Bangala School, RBF is well positioned to guarantee that its work is practical and relevant, and that students gain the necessary life skills.

RBF's mission is to turn public schools into child-centered, gender-sensitive, community-owned institutions that deliver high-quality education to children. Using a 'whole-school' approach, RBF collaborates with parents, teachers, administrators, and students to ensure that everyone feels empowered and has a feeling of ownership over their local schools and the quality of education they provide. RBF believes that wherever practical, basic, low-cost, and locally accessible teaching aids should be utilized, and that classrooms should be designed to foster interactive group-learning exercises in which no student is left out.


Rato Bangala School
Rato Bangala School
  • Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur