Nepal Biotechnology Association

Baneshwor, Kathmandu

About Nepal Biotechnology Association

Nepal Biotechnology Association (NBA) is a professional non-profit organization registered under the society act of the Nepal government. Established on October 7, 1988, NBA was formed during the first regional conference of the Association of Plant Physiologists of SAARC countries, held at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. The conference highlighted the urgent need for a platform dedicated to biotechnology in Nepal, leading to the creation of the NBA.

Biotechnology, based on advancements in biological science, plays a crucial role in product development, industrial production, and various service industries. Biotechnology has revolutionized numerous sectors, from traditional fermentation techniques used in food and beverage production to modern applications in agriculture, medicine, environmental protection, and industry. It leverages molecular biology and biochemistry to manipulate biological systems and gain insights into fundamental life processes. This technology, which rapidly advances in the 21st century, offers unprecedented opportunities for economic development.

While industrialized and some developing countries have already reaped the benefits of biotechnology, Nepal has been slower to adopt this transformative technology due to delayed knowledge acquisition. NBA aims to bridge this gap by promoting biotechnology education and encouraging the government and the public to embrace this technology for national development. By nurturing skilled human resources and providing ample opportunities, NBA envisions increased agricultural production, improved health outcomes, and industrialization in the country.

NBA has been actively involved in various initiatives since its inception. It organizes regular seminars, conferences, and talk programs featuring national and international experts in biotechnology. The association also publishes the Journal of NBA, a platform for disseminating research findings and advancements in the field. NBA's dedicated members and executive committee are committed to developing biotechnology in Nepal, aiming to contribute to both academic and economic growth in the country.

NBA's contributions have already made an impact, particularly in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The association's students and members have been praised for their involvement in diagnosing COVID-19 infections in Nepal. This recognition reinforces NBA's commitment to leveraging biotechnology to improve society.

As Nepal moves toward the future, NBA strives to play a pivotal role in advancing biotechnology, fostering education, and driving economic progress. Through its activities and collaborations, the association aims to cultivate a thriving biotechnology sector that benefits the academic community and the nation.