National Skill Testing Board

Madhyapur Thimi - 17, Bhaktapur

National Skill Testing Board was established in 1983 with the aim to provide recognized certificates to skilled and semi-skilled people seeking employment on particular skills. The National Skills Testing and Certification Board (NSTB) manages its operations under the direction of CTEVT.

About National Skill Testing Board

NSTB has a solid professional reputation, strong leadership, and a high level of autonomy in the skill testing and certification process. The typical target groups include young people who want to work in technical fields, graduates from general high schools, individuals looking for work, college dropouts, and educated people with or without particular technical and vocational skills.

The National Occupational Standards and Training Board (NSTB) has created skill standards (Occupational Skill Standard [OSS], Occupational Profile [OP], and National Occupational Skill Standard [NOSS]) for 304 different occupations. In addition, it has improved 589722 skilled individuals' access to employment opportunities by assessing their abilities and accrediting 415275 craft workers. The NSTB has been crucial in bridging the gap between the demand for jobs and the supply of needed human resources in particular fields of employment, which has ultimately helped to improve the living conditions of thousands of workers and their families across the country.


  • Sanothimi, Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur