Karkhana is a social enterprise that aims to teach young students problem-solving skills, independent mindset, and attitude to build their future. They create learning kits for middle-school students that teach children to be resourceful, reshape their environment, and solve new problems, thus making them confident in the face of unexpected issues.

When Karkhana was started, they worked for other companies for their products. They initially worked for Gham Power company making remote controlling systems and solar connecting systems which became very popular. They also built a vending machine for eSewa at that time. Later on, the team realized a considerable gap to fill in Nepal, the gap between an engineer and a contractor, that is, the engineer designs and the contractor responsible for creating them to life. Unless they are coordinated, there cannot be any development of innovation, and they are working to bridge that gap starting from middle school students.

About Karkhana

Karkhana is a social enterprise that creates events and learning kits for young students to help them develop problem-solving skills in various areas. 

They have Science kits for their Robots and Electronics program, Story and Engineering program, access to their Digital Support Platform, Lessons and Classroom Activities,  Guides on Creating Digital Content, books relating to coding and Steam, and a science kit that beautifully complements the Nepali Science curriculum.    


Karkhana was created to nurture a spirit of innovation in kids to make a global impact. They want to empower people with the skills & attitudes that will help them build their future and the future of their community.