Faculty of Education | Far Western University

Bhimdatta, Kanchanpur

About Faculty of Education | Far Western University

Far Western University's leading faculty is the faculty of education. This faculty is led by a group of highly competent and promising professors. This university's faculty is nationally regarded. The faculty adheres to the principle of integrity, and all of the courses it offers are research-based. The faculty aspires to transform Nepal's educational landscape through a high-quality holistic teacher education program. It plays a vital role in developing teachers, teacher educators, educational leaders, professionals, and researchers who can contribute to social reform and accelerate socio-economic development. The faculty is directed by a group of committed transformative thinkers with international experience. The faculty is also officially acknowledged as the country's most research-active and internationally renowned. Our large number of active researchers is well-known both nationally and globally for their achievements. The faculty's most notable feature is inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a Korean institution to create a Special Needs Education (SNE) program.

Graduate and undergraduate programs in disciplines such as English, Health, CPL, Maths, and B.Ed. CSIT is offered.  By teaching minor courses alongside their topic courses, the faculty has begun developing multidimensional teachers.