Education Journalist' Group

शिक्षा पत्रकार समूह

The Education Journalists' Group is a non-governmental organization which was established in 2000 AD with the aim of promoting the education system in Nepal. It is registered under the District Administrative Office of Kathmandu and situated at Anamnagar, Kathmandu.

Salient Features

  • Promoting the value of education or the importance of education in rural areas.

  • Emphasis on the girl's education and marginalized people.

  • It provides different kinds of stationeries to the children of rural areas.

  • It deals with child education and children's rights.

  • Consisting over 50 journalists advocating quality education at the policy-making and implementation levels

  • Deals with research and development, interaction with the community, managing radio programs, the process of the narrow down gap between existing and needy education situations by facilitating the free flow of education, etc.

About Education Journalist' Group

The Education Journalists' Group is a group of journalists in Nepal that represents various print and electronic media outlets. Education is essential for any nation's long-term development. Recognizing this, EJG is dedicated to mainstreaming educational issues in the media so that improving education will result in an effective social transformation. It has been refocusing its efforts on promoting the open flow of the educational system, looking into issues with our educational system, encouraging discussion about academic options and choices, conducting opinion surveys on hot-button topics in education, creating a media watch group on education, and fostering communication between media professionals, educational experts, decision-makers, donors, and the general public.

Activities of Education Journalists' Group

In collaboration with the Finnish Embassy, World Bank Nepal, Action Aid Nepal, UNICEF, UNESCO, Save The Children, Global Campaign For Education, Global Action, and the Department of Education, EJG has successfully implemented several programs. EJG has been campaigning to support high-quality education for girls and underprivileged kids in the Terai region.

Alliance For Social Dialogue, UNICEF, and the Norwegian Embassy are the three non-governmental organizations with which EJG is currently collaborating. EJG organizes programs with the assistance of local and national journalists in support of the Alliance for Social Dialogue. To inform the public and encourage government action to improve or resolve the education issue, the journalist focuses on the state of education in Nepal.

"Advocacy and Social Mobilization Campaign to Promote School as a Zone of Peace" is a six-month project that EJG manages in collaboration with UNICEF. EJG is coordinating several initiatives in this regard, including organizing cultural events in the Terai region while emphasizing the value and importance of education, mobilizing the media and civil society to build support for the right to education, and the campaign "school as a peace zone." The Royal Norwegian Embassy also aids EJG in promoting high-quality education for girls and underprivileged kids in the Terai region. EJG has been carrying out this project by baseline survey or research and development, mobilizing the community for access, media for good governance, and sensitizing stakeholders to improve education quality.