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Tribhuvan University Unveils Ambitious Plans for Educational Reform

May 12, 2024
Tribhuvan University Unveils Ambitious Plans for Educational Reform
KMC Lalitpur

Prof. Dr. Keshar Jung Baral, the Vice-Chancellor of Tribhuvan University (TU), has unveiled a plan aimed at revitalizing the education system within the institution. Addressing concerns over the effectiveness of educational programs and examination procedures, Dr. Baral has committed to implementing significant reforms to enhance the quality and efficiency of education delivery.

During meetings with key committees such as the House of Representatives, Education, Health and Information Technology Committee, Dr. Baral outlined his vision for educational transformation within TU. He emphasized the necessity of decentralizing examination processes and introducing practical approaches to evaluation, signaling a departure from traditional methods.

Central to Dr. Baral's agenda is the integration of Information Technology (IT) to streamline administrative processes and provide students with timely access to examination results. This move reflects the university's commitment to embracing technological advancements to enhance educational outcomes.

Furthermore, Dr. Baral highlighted the importance of aligning academic curriculum with market demand, thereby ensuring that graduates are equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the workforce. He emphasized the significance of adapting to evolving market trends and announced plans to introduce new programs to meet emerging demands.

Notably, Dr. Baral emphasized the need to attract international students to Tribhuvan University, citing the government's education policy of 2076 as a guiding framework. By enhancing the university's global appeal, Dr. Baral aims to position TU as a leading destination for higher education in the region.

Acknowledging recent criticism surrounding delays in exam result publication and perceived shortcomings in program implementation, Dr. Baral assured stakeholders of his commitment to address these issues promptly. He acknowledged the concerns of parents and the wider community, pledging to uphold transparency and accountability within the university.

Despite facing challenges, Dr. Baral remains steadfast in his determination to steer TU towards excellence. He reiterated the university's pivotal role in Nepal's education landscape and underscored the need for structural reforms to meet the evolving needs of students and society.

As the largest university in Nepal, with a network spanning 77 districts, Tribhuvan University occupies a central position in the nation's education sector. Dr. Baral's ambitious plans for reform underscore the university's commitment to driving positive change and nurturing future generations of leaders.

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