TU to promote distance learning program



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Tribuvan University has progressed its promotional activities for the open and distance learning program. The open and distance learning program was launched by Tribhuvan University in 2015 A.D. The program has been aimed at the students who cannot visit campus for higher studies. Students can get their Master’s degree through the  open and distance learning program.

The Program has been succeeding mainly in Math and English subjects. Seeing the popularity of the program in the respective subjects, TU has launched some promotional activities.

A team of officials and educators including the Head of the Central Education Department, Prem Phiyak has reached Jhapa district.

The program was started with 3 students in English subject and running in the second year, there are 6 students in each of the English and Math Subjects. The officials say preparations will be made onwards to run the program in full phase. Also, there will be educative activities about the open and distance learning program nation-wide.

The courses are the same as that taught in the conventional classes. However, the teachers familiar with technology are used for the interaction and feedback to the students,. The online forum Moodle is used for the internet based learning program,.

The program will be especially beneficial to the students from remote areas who cannot visit the campuses located in capital city and other urban areas. Students will also be able to give the internal and board examinations taken by TU by the distance learning.

The distance learning program is already very popular and accessible in the developed countries.