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Tribhuvan University Forms Committee to Investigate Missing Answer Sheets

March 28, 2024
Last updated March 29, 2024
Tribhuvan University Forms Committee to Investigate Missing Answer Sheets

Responding to the recent incident of the lost answer sheets, Tribhuvan University (TU) has established a high-level committee to investigate the matter. The university's examination control office has initiated this action to address the concerns that have been raised regarding this incident.

As per the decision made today (Chaitra 15) by the Executive Council of Tribhuvan University, a three-member committee has been constituted under the leadership of Dr. Chandra Mani Poudel to investigate the circumstances surrounding the lost answer sheets. The council has mandated the committee to conduct a thorough inquiry into the matter and submit a comprehensive report within 30 days.

The council, upon receiving the report prepared by the committee, will review it thoroughly and make necessary decisions after careful deliberation. The loss of answer sheets has been particularly concerning for the university, as it pertains to the subjects falling under the Human and Social Sciences faculty (Code No. 422) and the Education faculty (Code No. 412). These answer sheets were from the first-year Bachelor's level examinations conducted in the previous month of Baishakh.

The incident has garnered widespread attention and criticism from various media outlets and the public, prompting TU to issue a notice addressing the matter. Furthermore, the university has announced the rescheduling of examinations for the affected subjects, which are set to commence on Chaitra 21

In light of the recent incident, it has also been revealed that 176 answer sheets from the population and health subject were misplaced from examination centers in Deukhuri and Achham. This adds to the gravity of the situation, considering that similar incidents have occurred in the past.

Consequently, Tribhuvan University has decided to conduct re-examinations for the affected subjects, as was done previously in the case of lost answer sheets from the Management faculty's fourth-year Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) program. The examination schedule has been publicly announced, with examinations slated to take place from 7 am to 10 am starting from Chaitra 21.

Campuses affiliated with Tribhuvan University have been instructed to facilitate the re-examination process accordingly. Additionally, students have been informed through notices to participate in the examinations.

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