Students Granted Scholarships for Foreign Internship

May 08, 2023
Students Granted Scholarships for Foreign Internship
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Scholarships have been awarded to Hotel Management students who are participating in internships in Middle Eastern countries. Six students from Padma Kanya Multiple Campus have been granted this opportunity to gain experience abroad.

A sum of Rs.75,000 has been allocated to cover the airfare and visa expenses for the selected students. This opportunity has been provided to students in the sixth and seventh semesters of the Hotel Management program offered by the Faculty of Management at Tribhuvan University.

The Hotel Management program at Padma Kanya Campus has been in operation since 2076. In the wake of numerous accusations that colleges have been charging students extremely high fees for internships abroad through consultancy services, the campus has provided scholarships to students for the first time.

At an event arranged at Tribhuvan University's Faculty of Management campus where the scholarship money was presented to the students. Assistant Dean, Prof. Dr. Shree Krishna Kharel, Campus Head, Dr. Jayalakshmi Pradhan, and Director of Nepal Tourism Board, Laxman Gautam, bid farewell to the students at the event.

Out of the six scholarship recipients, two will be interning at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dubai, while the remaining four will be at the Lagoona Beach Resort in Bahrain. During the event, the Assistant Dean shared his experience of starting the Hotel Management program at Padma Kanya Campus without adequate preparation and infrastructure, and how he faced difficulties in recruiting students.

Kharel, who was previously the Head of the Hotel Management Department, expressed his delight at learning that the students who had to attend the lab at Nagarkot's Hotel Country Villa will now have the opportunity to intern abroad with scholarships.

Lakshman Gautam, the Director of the Board, commended Padma Kanya Campus for its commendable initiative in providing scholarships. The Campus Head, Jayalakshmi Pradhan, explained that due to the university's regulations, a hefty fee of Rs.6,00,000 must still be charged at the religious campus, making it considerably expensive.

During the event, Assistant Campus Head, Raju Malla and Director of the Hotel Management Department, Dr. Umesh Regmi emphasized that the campus has invested in the form of scholarships and encouraged the students to contribute towards alleviating the manpower shortage in the tourism and hotel industry. On behalf of the scholarship recipients, Rija Shrestha expressed her gratitude towards the campus for covering the expenses related to their internship and selecting quality hotels as their destinations.

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