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Students of Campion College Volunteering for Baliyo Nepal

March 04, 2021
Last updated October 08, 2021
KMC Lalitpur

Campion College had recently selected a group of six students of BSW 2nd year got an opportunity to work on the project of Baliyo Nepal and CG Foundation as volunteers. These students have traveled to different parts of Nepal helping the Baliyo Nepal team to implement their project activities in their project areas. The students have volunteered for the Baliyo Nepal Nutrition Initiative (BNNI) that aims to marshal all forces: government, private sector, international and non-governmental organizations, civil society, and the people of Nepal to end malnutrition by increasing awareness among the general public.

fig: Volunteer engaged in facilitating students understand issues regarding nutritional deficiency

Campion college had selected the six volunteers based with an aim of enriching the students' experience of studying Social Work at the institution. The institution stresses that volunteering is a pertinent aspect of learning professional social work. Campion College believes in providing opportunities like this to their social work students to help them prepare themselves for the real-world challenges in the field and to reinforce the experience. 

fig: Volunteers preparing themselves to impart information to students regarding nutrition and food habits

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