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SPA College Becomes Far-Western Nepal's First NMST Smart School

April 03, 2024

SPA College announces its adoption of cutting-edge technology, My Second Teacher, for teaching and learning purposes. This move marks a pioneering step towards modernizing education in Far-Western Province.

The collaboration between SPA College and My Second Teacher, facilitated by the ING Group, promises to revolutionize the educational landscape in the region. More than 50 countries worldwide have already embraced the technology, making it a renowned platform for education.

Under this partnership, SPA College becomes the first educational institution in the Far-Western Province to integrate such advanced technology within its curriculum. Through My Second Teacher, students will have access to a wealth of educational resources, including the ENI curriculum and a sophisticated educational management platform.

Expressing enthusiasm about the partnership, Subash Shahi, the managing director of SPA College, highlighted the transformative impact it would have on students' learning experiences. He emphasized that this collaboration eliminates the need for students to seek quality education in Kathmandu or abroad, as it brings world-class resources directly to their classrooms.

The implementation of My Second Teacher in SPA College signifies a shift towards a more interactive and comprehensive learning environment. With one human and one technical teacher in each classroom, students will have personalized support and access to innovative teaching methods whenever required.

Sulav Budhathoki, chairman of the Innovate Nepal Group (ING) and co-founder of My Second Teacher, emphasized the partnership's goal of empowering students and maximizing their educational potential. He underscored the significance of providing students with access to essential resources and fostering their academic success through modern educational tools.

This collaboration positions SPA College as a frontrunner in educational innovation within Far-Western Province. It is expected to enhance students' access to high-quality educational resources and promote the adoption of new teaching methodologies, ultimately advancing the region's educational standards.

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