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Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management Celebrates 17th Graduation Ceremony and Unveils Groundbreaking MBA-Hospitality Program


June 16, 2023
Last updated June 17, 2023
KMC Lalitpur

Kathmandu, 16th June, 2023 Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management proudly celebrated the successful completion of its 17th Graduation Ceremony at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu. The event marked a significant milestone as 114 students graduated from the Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality and Tourism Management (BA-IHTM) program, while 14 students received their Diplomas in Culinary Arts (DICA).

Chairman and Founder Principal Mr. Samir Thapa delivered an inspiring welcome speech, congratulating graduates and emphasizing their potential to make a difference. The ceremony continued with great enthusiasm as esteemed Chief Guest, Mr. Binayak Shah, President, Hotel Association Nepal, lauded the legacy and success of Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management. He acknowledged the institution's pioneering efforts and recognized it as a catalyst for quality education in Nepal. Mr. Shah spoke passionately about the positive impact of the school and the valuable contributions it has made to the hospitality industry.

We were honored to have Mr. Thomas Peschken Holt, Co-Acting Head of Queen Margaret University, as the Guest of Honor. Mr. Holt emphasized the significance of international education and the strong relationship between Queen Margaret University and Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management. He took the opportunity to announce an exciting new program, the MBA in Hospitality, which was officially launched in Nepal. Mr. Holt provided insight into the program's structure and details, highlighting the exceptional opportunities it presents for aspiring hospitality professionals.

Sir Paul Grice, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Queen Margaret University, extended his heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to the graduating students. He commended their hard work, dedication, and achievements and expressed confidence in their bright futures.

The ceremony was also an occasion to recognize outstanding students, staff and faculty with special awards in various categories, acknowledging their exceptional performances and contributions during their time at Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management.

  1. Deans Award-2021, BA-IHTM: Ms. Robina Shrestha
  2. Academic Excellence Award-2021:  BA-IHTM Ms. Sumiti Bajracharya
  3. Academic Excellence Award-2021, Specializing in Culinary Arts Mr. Ramesh Budathoki
  4. Student of Integrity Award-2021 Mr. Himal Oli
  5. Outstanding Student of the Year-2021, BA-IHTM Mr. Anish Tamang
  6. Outstanding Student of the Year-2021, DICA Ms. Priyanka Gurung
  7. Deans Award-2023, BA-IHTM Mr. Ghanshyam Bhatta
  8. Academic Excellence Award-2023, BA-IHTM Ms. Anjina Katuwal
  9. Excellence in Teaching-2023: Mr. Pranesh Manandhar
  10. Best Employee- 2023: Mr. Arjun Sharma Poudel

The graduation ceremony was attended by students, their families, well-wishers, and the entire Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management fraternity. The event was a testament to the enduring commitment of the institution to provide quality education and create future leaders in the hospitality industry.

Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the careers of aspiring hospitality professionals. With a strong emphasis on practical skills, industry exposure, and global perspectives, the institution remains dedicated to nurturing talent and producing graduates who are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the dynamic hospitality industry.

For the first time International MBA in Hospitality program is launched and offered to the students in Nepal from the year 2023. It's a historic event to start MBA in Hospitality.

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