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SEE Preparedness - Controller Ensures Efficiency Amid Curriculum Updates

February 09, 2024
SEE Preparedness - Controller Ensures Efficiency Amid Curriculum Updates

In anticipation of the upcoming Secondary Education Examination (SEE) set to commence from Chaitra 15, 2080 (March 28, 2024) and end on Chaitra 27, 2080 (April 09, 2024), National Examination Board (NEB) Controller, Nandalal Poudel, assures a seamless process despite the challenges posed by the new grading system.

With merely two months remaining until the examinations begin, the National Examination Board and the Examination Control Office (Grade 10) are immersed in intensive preparations for the upcoming assessments. Printing of question papers is slated to commence shortly, signaling the final stages of readiness.

Poudel has been engaged in consultations regarding the SEE preparations and the integration of various subjects into the curriculum with educational authorities. Emphasizing the adherence to the prescribed schedule, he expresses confidence in the ongoing preparations, stating, "Looking at the current situation, everything seems to be in order."

The questions will reflect the updated curriculum, encompassing both familiar and novel subjects. He highlights the inclusion of practical examinations in both compulsory and optional mathematics.

Discussing the examination process, Poudel underscores the importance of adapting to the new curriculum, assuring that questions will be framed accordingly. He acknowledges the inevitable adjustment period following the introduction of the new syllabus, urging students not to be daunted but to remain prepared for the assessments.

In light of the grading system's implementation, Poudel elaborates on the revised evaluation criteria, emphasizing the significance of practical application in daily life. He stresses the need for balanced assessment methods, ensuring that students are evaluated based on their comprehensive understanding rather than mere theoretical knowledge.

In regions like Manang and Mustang, where accessibility poses significant challenges, Home Centers will not be established. Poudel asserts that strict guidelines have been issued to prevent examination centers from being set up in the same school for more than three consecutive years, ensuring fairness and transparency in the examination process.

Under the new grading system's directives, students are required to achieve a minimum of 35% in both theoretical and practical examinations. Poudel underscores the importance of adequate preparation, particularly in light of the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, urging schools and parents to support students through the learning process.

As the SEE draws near, Poudel's assurance of a structured and equitable examination process underlines the commitment to maintaining educational standards and fostering academic excellence amidst evolving educational landscapes.

For the SEE Examination Schedule 2080, visit HERE.

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