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School Calendar and Special Information for Schools: Kathmandu Metropolitan City

April 15, 2024
Last updated May 10, 2024
School Calendar and Special Information for Schools: Kathmandu Metropolitan City
KMC Lalitpur

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has published a school calendar for 2081 BS and also shared special information for the schools to follow. 

Special Information for Schools 

  1. All schools, including early childhood development, must adopt the curriculum based on Rastriya Pathyakram Prarup 2076 and implement teaching-learning activities and evaluation systems.
  2. No other textbooks can be used except for the curriculum developed and approved by the Curriculum Development Center, Sano Thimi, Bhaktapur.
  3. From the primary level (Grade I) to Grade 3, integrated teaching-learning activities and 100% internal evaluation have been implemented, so full implementation is required.
  4. Internal evaluation based on the curriculum up to Grade 12 must be conducted per the schedule, and subject teachers must prepare question papers for quarterly examinations. The metropolitan-level examination center will conduct the Grade 8 examination.
  5. Soft copies of question papers prepared by teachers for periodic examinations of every class and subject from Grade 1 to Grade 12 should be submitted to the respective resource center.
  6. Parents should be provided with information about thematic teaching up to Grade 3 and internal evaluation of students of other classes at least once every three months.
  7. The use of the teacher's diary provided by the metropolitan city must be fully updated.
  8. Community schools must demand the money for school snacks within seven days of the beginning of each month.
  9. Community schools must demand the salary for the ongoing month within the 25th of each month.
  10. The educational activities of schools can be interrupted only by the mention of holidays in the educational calendar and other local holidays (such as exam preparation, annual festival preparation, final exams of the month, etc.).
  11. No entrance exam or entrance exam fee will be charged for admission to primary level and other classes from the last class passed from other schools along with the Grade Sheet. Priority will be given to those who have applied earlier, or students should be selected through lottery. 
  12. Creative teaching based on subgroups from Grades 4 to 8 on Fridays and a Skill program (Book Free Friday) in Grade 10 will be conducted.
  13. Every Friday, students and teachers will conduct an hour of mandatory, voluntary work under the supervision of the student and environmental subcommittee for the development of labor culture.
  14. An effective student welcome and enrollment campaign will be conducted. Details of enrolled students will be registered based on their birth certificates.
  15. Foods with low nutritional value, such as instant noodles, biscuits, etc., are prohibited within the school premises. Locally produced food items will be given priority for school meals every day. Traditional food items will be used in meals every Friday.
  16. No school can sell or distribute books, uniforms, and stationery items from the premises.


School Calendar of Kathmandu Metropolitan City 2081

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