Sanskrit University revises its curriculum after 22 years


January 17, 2021
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Nepal Sanskrit University is going to implement the changed curriculum after 22 years. The university has revised the course of 56 subjects of Bachelor (Shastri).

The University has already revised the courses of most of the subjects and is preparing drafts of the courses of some subjects, the University said.

According to the changed course, the curriculum has been prepared to teach Vedic agricultural studies to the students under the agriculture mentioned in the Vedas, said Laxmi Prasad Baral, a curriculum developer and an associate professor at Valmiki Vidyapeeth. Students who have been studying the same course for 22 years now have to study Shastri and for four years. He also added that the revised syllabus will be implemented by the university this year.

Prof. Dr. Yadav Prakash Lamichhane said that the curriculum has been modified to modernize Sanskrit education as the student attraction in the university is declining. "We have already revised the courses of 56 subjects of Shastri and are going to conduct the post-graduate program in lifestyle management suitable for the students studying other subjects," said Vice-Chancellor Lamichhane.

The university informed that the university assembly has already approved to study Vedic agriculture, architectural engineering, yoga, and naturopathy at the undergraduate level. At the same time, the university is preparing to conduct programs in pharmaceutical science.

The university will operate an integrated hospital to provide all-natural and modern services in one place. The university informed that the government of Nepal has managed the budget for the construction of the hospital.

Vice-Chancellor Lamichhane said that the hospital, which will be operated at the central office of the university, offers treatment in four methods including Allopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda nepal Sanskrit University Veda, and Unani.

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