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Revolutionizing Education with Bagmati University's Focus on Technical Skills

May 05, 2024
Last updated May 06, 2024
Revolutionizing Education with Bagmati University's Focus on Technical Skills
KMC Lalitpur

Chief Minister Shalikram Jamkattel of Bagmati Province has unveiled plans for the establishment of a new university with a distinct emphasis on technical and vocational education.

Speaking at the inauguration of Bagmati University's office, Chief Minister Jamkattel outlined the government's commitment to integrating academic and practical education to address the issue of educational unemployment.

Highlighting the pressing need for skilled manpower in key sectors such as health services, agriculture, tourism, and sports, Chief Minister Jamkattel underscored the university's role in producing technical expertise to meet these demands. He emphasized the government's dedication to formulating new policies and educational models to propel the province forward.

Underlining the constitutional provision granting provinces sole authority over higher education, Chief Minister Jamkattel affirmed the province's progress in implementing the Higher Education Act. This legislative framework has paved the way for the establishment of the Provincial Higher Education Council and the ongoing efforts to establish a public university under its supporters.

Chief Minister Jamkattel criticized the existing entrance examination system, labeling it as detrimental. He expressed concerns over the practice of sending students abroad under the guise of entrance examinations, signaling the government's intent to enact laws to address this issue.

Moreover, the provincial government has emphasized the importance of confirming the university's necessity and relevance, designing specialized curricula, and implementing measures to prevent student migration. By focusing on teaching quality and student retention, Bagmati University aims to become a beacon of excellence in technical and vocational education.

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