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Results of Promotion for Teachers - Teacher Service Commission

November 15, 2022

Teachers Service Commission, Secretariat of Promotion Recommendation Committee, Directorate of Education Development, Hetaunda has published the results of teacher promotion based on performance evaluation.

According to Rule 33 of Chapter 4 of Teachers Service Commission Regulations 2057 (with amendments), the following candidates who received the highest marks among those who applied for promotion have been listed for promotion in accordance with district, level, category, and advertisement for the purposes of rule 34 of the Teachers Service Commission Regulations 2057.

If the promotion notice issued by the promotion recommendation committee isn't satisfied, you may file a complaint with the directorate within 35 (thirty-five) days of the date of this notice. To do so, deposit Rs. 600 (for the secondary level II category), office code 350213303, and revenue title 14224 in the revenue account.

View the notice below:

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