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Prime Minister's Call to Enroll Children in Schools

April 14, 2024
Prime Minister's Call to Enroll Children in Schools
KMC Lalitpur

The enrollment campaign for schools has started today (Baisakh 2, 2081). Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has urged parents to enroll children of school-going age in schools and regularly send them to school.

With the commitment of "Participation of all children in schools, ensuring quality education," the Prime Minister, in the context of the initiation of the enrollment campaign for academic session 2081 along with the beginning of the new year 2081, has invited parents to send their children of school-going age to schools.

Highlighting the constitutional and inherent fundamental right of every child to education, the Prime Minister has mentioned the government's responsibility to ensure compulsory education up to the basic level by implementing the Constitution of Nepal and the Free Education Act 2085 B.S. (with amendments). 

"The government is making various efforts to ensure equal access to quality education in schools. The government has made significant investments in school education. Contributions from development partners, civil society, and the private sector for the implementation of fundamental rights of education are noteworthy," the Prime Minister's call states. "It is our collective responsibility to ensure enrollment of all children of school-going age in schools and to end the situation where children drop out of school. Community-level initiatives are necessary for this."

The Prime Minister has mentioned that the government has also provided free textbooks, uniforms, scholarships, and appropriate educational infrastructure to public school students, along with special emphasis on effective management of skilled human resources in schools.

The Prime Minister has mentioned that efforts to increase investment for school education will be intensified, and collective efforts will be focused on achieving tangible results.

In the academic session 2081, Prime Minister Dahal has also requested the local governments, schools, and the general public to ensure the distribution of necessary textbooks in all schools across the country.

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