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Preparation for Budget Allocation for Teacher Incentive Program

May 10, 2024
Preparation for Budget Allocation for Teacher Incentive Program
KMC Lalitpur

In the forthcoming year's budget, the enhancement of school education will be prioritized, aligning positions based on the teacher-student ratio.

To achieve this goal, all relevant agencies have been engaged in gathering data from all public schools. Sumana Shrestha, the Minister of Education, Science, and Technology, stated that they are gearing up to execute a teacher promotion initiative using the collected data. This involves managing the budget to fill teacher vacancies, potentially adding or transferring teachers, and a plan to be outlined in the budget address.

Furthermore, steps have been taken to minimize teachers' involvement in direct politics, with data collection underway for this purpose. The Secretariat has also proposed allocating budgetary resources to offer incentives to teachers in the upcoming fiscal year.

Additionally, ongoing discussions with Tribhuvan University officials are centered on prioritizing the implementation of an annual calendar for higher education reform. This includes enhancing examination administration and management.

Efforts are also underway, in collaboration with officials, to establish a high-level committee aimed at reclaiming encroached land, as per the Secretariat's statement.

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