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PM Dahal Calls for Enhanced Healthcare Strategies at 12th Assembly of PAHS

January 28, 2024
PM Dahal Calls for Enhanced Healthcare Strategies at 12th Assembly of PAHS
KMC Lalitpur

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, on January 28, issued directives to the Patan Academy of Health Sciences to address emerging challenges in the healthcare sector. During the 12th Assembly of PAHS, he called upon the Academy's leaders to enhance infrastructure and improve the quality and effectiveness of hospital services.

Emphasizing the fundamental link between health and national development, the Prime Minister stressed that without the health and well-being of citizens, achieving prosperity is unattainable. He underscored the importance of ensuring accessible, high-quality healthcare services for all, asserting that a healthy populace is essential for economic and social progress.

Acknowledging the Academy's efforts in community-based healthcare, Prime Minister Dahal, who also serves as PAHS's Chancellor, recommended the integration of similar initiatives to strengthen its programs. Furthermore, he urged the Ministry of Health and Population to adopt comparable programs from other academic institutions.

Recognizing the predominance of rural areas in Nepal, PM Dahal emphasized the necessity of extending healthcare access to these regions by training skilled healthcare workers with a sense of social responsibility. He directed the Academy to enhance its services specifically to uplift citizens with limited access to quality healthcare, especially those lagging in human development indices.

Prime Minister Dahal commended the Patan Academy of Health Sciences for its comprehensive contributions to the healthcare sector, including service provision, education, and research. The event was attended by the Minister for Health and Population, members of the National Planning Commission, the Mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City, and Vice-Chancellors from various academic institutions.

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