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New Criteria Set for Foreign Affiliated HEIs in Accreditation Process by UGC

May 10, 2024
New Criteria Set for Foreign Affiliated HEIs in Accreditation Process by UGC
KMC Lalitpur

The University Grants Commission has unveiled updated eligibility criteria for foreign-affiliated higher educational institutions (HEIs) aiming to participate in the quality assurance and accreditation process. The decision, stemming from the Educational Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council meeting held on Chaitra 20, 2080, introduces stringent requirements for the approval of the Letter of Intent (LOI) from such institutions.


Key Provisions Now in Effect

  • Accreditation Requirement: Affiliated universities must hold accreditation from relevant national or international accrediting bodies.
  • Ranking Criteria: The affiliating university must secure a position within the top 800 of The Times Higher Education Ranking or the top 1000 of QS World Ranking.
  • Benchmark Fulfillment: HEIs must meet the benchmarks set by their foreign affiliating universities and provide a letter of recommendation to that effect.
  • Government Approval: A letter of approval from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology is mandatory for program initiation or renewal.
  • Sustainability Plan: Institutions must submit a sustainability plan, encompassing both academic programs and financial viability.
  • Affiliation Duration: At the time of LOI submission, the academic program offered by the HEI must extend for an additional one-year period beyond the affiliation duration. Alternatively, the HEI must have operated continuously for at least five years if the affiliating university provides shorter affiliation periods.
  • Tax Clearance: Compliance with Nepal's tax laws necessitates the submission of a tax clearance certificate.


Procedure for Institutions Undergoing Accredition

  • Affiliation Renewal: Failure to renew program affiliation within the stipulated timeframe will result in dismissal from the accreditation process by the University Grants Commission.
  • Discontinuation Consequences: In the event of program affiliation discontinuation during the accreditation period, accreditation certificates will be terminated accordingly.

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