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Nepal College of Management Recognizes Outstanding Grooming Skills of BHM Students

May 28, 2023
Nepal College of Management Recognizes Outstanding Grooming Skills of BHM Students

Nepal College of Management recently hosted a gathering to acknowledge the exceptional grooming skills demonstrated by students enrolled in the Bachelor in Hospitality Management (BHM) program during May.

The event was held in the Seminar Hall of the college and was attended by students, faculty members, and esteemed guests. The principal, Prof. Dr. Sushil Bhakta Mathema, presented appreciation letters to three outstanding students, while the Associate Principal, Dr. Prem Silwal, awarded the Best Grooming batch. The session, skillfully moderated by Academic Associate Mr. Bhuwan Puri, brimmed with enthusiasm and encouragement. Mr. Subesh Shrestha, the BHM Program Incharge, delivered an insightful speech underscoring the importance of grooming in the hospitality industry. His address emphasized the significance of maintaining a professional appearance and how it positively influences guest satisfaction and overall brand image.

The focal point of the occasion was the acknowledgment bestowed upon three deserving students for their exceptional grooming standards.

  • Mr Prasiddha Baniya, BHM 1st year 2nd semester

  • Miss Prapti Maharjan, BHM 2nd Year 1st Semester

  • Mr Prakash Sirpali, BHM 3rd Year 1st Semester

The event concluded with a resounding applause for the winners and a heartfelt expression of gratitude to everyone involved in organizing the session. Nepal College of Management remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing and shaping well-groomed professionals who will thrive in the ever-evolving realm of hospitality. As the college continues to inspire and motivate students towards excellence, events like these assume a pivotal role in instilling the importance of grooming standards and professional etiquette. The recognition bestowed upon Mr. Prasiddha Baniya, Miss Prapti Maharjan, and Mr. Prakash Sirpali stands as a testament to their unwavering hard work, dedication, and determination to succeed in the hospitality industry.

Nepal College of Management takes immense pride in celebrating the achievements of these students and eagerly looks forward to witnessing more remarkable accomplishments from the BHM program in the future.

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