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Ministry's Push for Transparent Teacher Evaluations

May 03, 2024
Ministry's Push for Transparent Teacher Evaluations
KMC Lalitpur

The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has announced its readiness to conduct comprehensive assessments of teachers within the coming month.

Following a period of meticulous preparation, officials within the ministry have been diligently working to translate the criteria for teacher evaluations into actionable steps. These efforts come as part of a larger initiative aimed at enhancing the quality of education and accountability within the education sector.

According to statements from ministry spokesperson Keshav Dahal, the release of evaluation criteria is expected to occur within the upcoming month of Baisakh, with plans already in motion to facilitate this process.

The decision to embark on district-level evaluations stems from previous interruptions in teacher assessments, which were initiated due to delays in the Teacher Service Commission's teacher selection process and the absence of established evaluation criteria.

Under the leadership of Basant Koirala, the Joint Secretary of the Education and Human Resource Development Center, a committee has been formed to oversee the development of evaluation criteria. This committee is set to convene next Saturday (Baisakh 29) and will submit its recommendations to Education Minister Sumana Shrestha the following week.

Highlighting the importance of transparency in the evaluation process, Joint Secretary Koirala emphasized the need to eradicate favoritism and ensure that evaluations are conducted based on objective criteria. He reiterated the ministry's commitment to providing equal opportunities for all interested teachers while upholding rigorous evaluation standards.

In light of recent concerns surrounding the practice of "mutual transfers" and allegations of financial irregularities in teacher placements, the ministry has underscored the necessity of ending such practices. The trend of exorbitant sums being exchanged for teacher transfers, along with reports of teacher union organizations exerting undue influence, has prompted calls for greater oversight and accountability.

Joint Secretary Dahal reaffirmed the ministry's stance on maintaining integrity in the evaluation process, stressing that evaluations should be merit-based and free from external influences. He emphasized that the municipalities ultimately have the responsibility for conducting fair and transparent evaluations.

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