MBA admissions: 7 tips to prepare for the screening process

April 05, 2014
Last updated May 16, 2024
KMC Lalitpur

In the recent past, the number of candidates applying to MBA programmes across various colleges in Kathmandu has been overwhelming.

However, though there has been a surge in the number, the quality of candidates has not improved much, which I attribute to poor preparation on their part.

I have therefore listed a few tips, which can help students better prepare themselves for the screening process.

  1. Go through the content of the application package thoroughly and read the instructions of the application form before filling it up. A hastily filled out or an incomplete form creates a wrong perception about you.
  2. Some of the colleges might ask you to write an essay. This may require you to do some desk research and also some self-reflection. Spend some quality time on this and do not consider this as a mere formality.
  3. Admission tests are usually aptitude tests. So understand the format of such tests, which could be different for different colleges. Try and get model or sample question papers and prepare accordingly. It is not compulsory to attend preparatory classes in institutes. Prepare on your own or with friends, whichever suits you.
  4. Use your time wisely during the test since time management is the key. Do not spend too much time on a question.
  5. Some colleges might also have a group discussion round. Go with an open mind and speak confidently and assertively. You are assessed more on the quality of your arguments rather than the quantity. So do not be psyched by someone in the group who keeps talking gibberish. Plan your arguments well.
  6. Some colleges may also have a presentation round. Dress well and look smart for this. Again, plan and structure your arguments well and focus more on the content rather than the quantity. Do not show your nervousness (everyone is nervous, so it is normal). Be confident or at least project yourself as being confident and speak clearly.
    The final stage is the interview, which is usually the most important in the screening.
  7. Dress well for the interview. Formal wear is always preferred.
  8. Do a background study of the college and the programme you have applied for because you will definitely be asked questions on these.
  9. Go through your essay and remember what you had written because you might be asked questions from it. Make sure what you say and what has been written are in sync.
  10. Be honest and present yourself the way you actually are. All of us have weakness, so do not try to lie about them or yourself because you will definitely be caught. However, emphasize more on your strengths.
  11. Be confident and try not to show your nervousness too much.
    The key is to prepare and present yourself well, and be confident about who you are. The rest fall into place.

(The author is the associate director at Ace Institute of Management. He can be contacted through bishal@ace.edu.np).

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