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Life Skills Education Campaign Introduced in Diktel

May 08, 2024
Life Skills Education Campaign Introduced in Diktel
KMC Lalitpur

The Municipality of Rupakot Majhuwagadhi in Diktel has launched the ambitious "Life Skills Education Campaign" in its community schools.

The initiative, which commenced on Baisakh 18, aims to impart crucial life skills to students, marking a significant step towards holistic education. Spearheaded by the municipality's leadership, the campaign is poised to revolutionize the teaching-learning process in the region.

According to Tirtharaj Bhattarai, the Mayor of Diktel Municipality, the campaign kicked off with health education sessions at Saraswati Secondary School, garnering considerable enthusiasm from students and educators alike. Moreover, efforts to build sanitation infrastructure and foster agricultural awareness have been initiated at five secondary schools, underlining the program's multifaceted approach.

Under the guidance of educational engineer Surya Bahadur Rai, a dedicated team has been formed to ensure the seamless implementation of the campaign across all community schools. Rai emphasized the importance of integrating life skills education into the curriculum, emphasizing its role in nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped to tackle real-world challenges.

In order to further enhance the educational experience, the municipality has resolved to introduce additional project works for students every Tuesday, aimed at fostering practical skills and critical thinking abilities.

Coordinator Rai said that under the campaign, all the community schools of the municipality will prepare an annual action plan and in that action plan, more than 30 students will prepare and implement project work in a systematic manner.

The initiative has garnered widespread support and commendation from stakeholders, with community schools gearing up to participate actively in the program. A recent workshop convened by the municipality saw the participation of principals and teachers from 93 schools, demonstrating a collective commitment towards enhancing the quality of education in the region.

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