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License Made Mandatory for Engineers in Nepal

July 21, 2022
License Made Mandatory for Engineers in Nepal

The federal parliament approved a bill to amend the Nepal Engineering Council Act, 055, which stipulates that in order to practice engineering, one must receive a license after completing all required coursework up to graduation. There is a requirement to pass the exam in order to obtain a license after finishing engineering courses all the way to graduation. Previously, obtaining the license required graduating from the Faculty of Engineering.

The National Assembly approved the bill on Poush 14 2076, after it was registered on Jestha 29 2076. After spending 30 months in the National Assembly, this law was ultimately approved by the House of Representatives. The bill was passed with the provision that engineers, like many other professions including as doctors, nurses, lawyers, and teachers, would need to obtain a license from the Nepal Engineering Council in order to practice their profession only after completing the required exams.

It is sent to the President for certification after being approved by the National Assembly . This measure with the requirement of passing the test to obtain an engineering license will become law after 30 days after being verified by the President. The measure stipulates that the Engineering Council will be authorized to operate branch offices and offer services online in each of the seven provinces.

Responding to the questions raised by the MPs in the Parliament, the Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Mohammad Ishtiaq Rai said that after the examination is made mandatory to get a license, the quality of the question will be resolved automatically.