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LBU Launches Innovative International Relations and Peace Studies Program

February 11, 2024
LBU Launches Innovative International Relations and Peace Studies Program

Lumbini Buddhist University has unveiled a pioneering program in International Relations and Peace Studies in Butwal, fusing ancient Buddhist wisdom with contemporary geopolitical studies. The inaugural batch of students was warmly welcomed on February 09, 2024, under the stewardship of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Subarna Lal Bajracharya, heralding a transformative journey ahead.

This innovative initiative aims to nurture adept professionals who draw inspiration from Buddhist principles to enhance Nepal's global diplomatic footprint. Dr. Tilak Acharya, University Registrar, lauded a decade of exponential growth, outlining plans to expand research on Eastern civilizations and extend academic influence beyond borders.

The development of infrastructure sets the stage for Lumbini to emerge as a nexus for Buddhist philosophical exploration, enriching educational offerings in Butwal and Devdah. Prof. Dr. Bidya Nath Koirala advocates for the integration of Buddha's methodologies into modern education, stressing practical application alongside theoretical understanding.

Under the leadership of Dr. Niranjan Man Singh Basnyat, the program pioneers a novel academic discipline, weaving diplomacy with Buddhist principles to carve a distinctive educational path. Faculty members and administrative staff, including Dr. Harisharan Chakhu, Dr. Kumar Khadka, Mohan Lal Bhandari, Rajendra Ghimire, Assistant Daya Nidhi Gautam, and IT consultant Robin Panthi, collaborate to ensure a comprehensive educational experience.

Lumbini Buddhist University's initiative signifies a harmonious blend of spiritual insight and global diplomacy, underscoring a dedication to academic excellence and peacebuilding rooted in Buddhist teachings. As the program unfolds, it promises to equip a new cadre of diplomats and peace advocates poised to navigate and shape the intricate dynamics of international relations.

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