Kathmandu University School of Science to Launch Bachelors in Data Science

June 11, 2024
Kathmandu University School of Science to Launch Bachelors in Data Science
KMC Lalitpur

Kathmandu University School of Science is launching Nepal's first Bachelor of Data Science (BDSC) degree program. The four-year program will begin in the upcoming academic year.

"The rapid development of the IT sector has created a significant demand for data scientists," said Professor Dr. Rabindra Kayastha, Head of the Department of Mathematics at Kathmandu University. "The BDSC program is designed to bridge this gap by producing graduates well-versed in mathematics, computer science, statistics, and business intelligence." 

The 120-credit hour curriculum will provide students with a strong foundation in data analysis techniques, machine learning, coding, and software development. The first two years will focus on core computing skills like coding, graphics, systems, networks, and databases.

Admission to the program will be based on performance in the Class 12 exams (or equivalent) with a minimum CGPA of 2.0 or 50% marks. The university plans to admit a maximum of 30 students per year, with scholarships offered to the top scorers on the entrance exam and to one merit-based student per semester.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Data Science (BDSC) program will be qualified for various positions in tech companies, including data engineer, data architect, data analyst, and data scientist. They will also be able to pursue careers in related fields like machine learning and software development.

"Data is the new gold in the digital age," remarked Professor Kayastha. "The BDSC program will empower students to understand the value of data and equip them with the tools to unlock its potential."

This new program adds to the Department of Mathematics' existing offerings, which include a technology-focused four-year Computational Mathematics program and postgraduate programs (MSc, MPhil, and PhD) in Mathematics and Statistics.

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