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KMC Job Fair Secures 190 Jobs, Bridges Education and Industry

May 24, 2024
KMC Job Fair Secures 190 Jobs, Bridges Education and Industry
KMC Lalitpur

Kathmandu Model College (KMC) in Bagbazar recently hosted a successful job fair, drawing participation from 40 companies and over 400 students from various undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The event featured a panel discussion on bridging the gap between the education sector and industry. Lekhnath Paudel, Head HR at Shangri-Law Development Bank and Secretary of HR Society of Nepal, emphasized the importance of equipping students with technology skills relevant to the global market, beyond just the university curriculum. He stressed the need for honesty and clear communication in the job market.

International perspectives were provided by Shiho Sassa, General Manager of Talent Acquisition at Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation, Japan. She highlighted the necessity of initial investment to develop competent human resources and stated that aspiring professionals must possess basic knowledge in their field to succeed in global markets, including Japan.

Surendra Subedi, College Chief of KMC, discussed the college's efforts to continuously provide knowledge and skills aligned with global market demands. He called on all educational institutions to adopt a technology-friendly approach and to prepare students to meet current market needs.

Nishaka Rai, Gead of the KMC Alumni Reachout Club and chief facilitator of the event, spoke on behalf of Upendra Koirala, Chair of the College Management Committee and former Vice-Chancellor of Mid-West University. Koirala elaborated on the discipline required during job interviews.

Students at the fair engaged with representatives from various companies to discuss employment opportunities and participated in interviews. Approximately 190 candidates were selected from the pool of applicants. The fair saw participation from both current students and graduates from KMC and other colleges within its network.

Participating companies praised the fair, noting its importance in understanding market needs and human resource dynamics. They advocated for more such events to bridge the gap between academia and the labor market.

The job fair included representatives from banks, hotels, colleges, insurance companies, engineering firms, and various service and production industries, underscoring the event's broad appeal and significance.

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