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Kathmandu Metropolitan City Schools Undergoing Name Changes

May 08, 2024
Kathmandu Metropolitan City Schools Undergoing Name Changes
KMC Lalitpur

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City Education Department has embarked on a significant initiative of renaming of schools within its jurisdiction. As of yesterday, communication had been initiated with 335 schools regarding this endeavor. Notably, 116 schools have already submitted requests for name changes, accompanied by their Nepali appellations.

Among the institutions seeking name alterations are:

  • Canvas Academy to Subhatara Gyan Niketan
  • Ambition Academy to Akansha Vidhyasadan
  • Unigloble to Yale School
  • Liverpool to Kathmandu Secondary School
  • Cambridge International to Sayapatri School
  • Colombus International School to Medhashree School
  • Asphodel Public School to Mandala Secondary School
  • Paradigm Public School to Gyanshala School

Furthermore, the Education Department reports that 23 schools have requested to retain their current names, alongside applications for name changes. Additionally, 94 schools have registered requests for name changes after the initial phase stated Head of Education Department, Govind Prasad Sharma.

The Education Department has set a deadline of the 28th of Baisakh for the submission of name change proposals. Following this deadline, the department will provide guidance on further steps.

Only 512 of the approximately 771 Class 12 schools operating within the metropolitan area are operational. Of these, 335 have already transitioned to English names.

To encourage participation and ensure inclusivity, schools have been granted a seven-day window to express interest in Nepali identity-driven name changes, with an additional 35-day period allocated for submitting name proposals. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City initially issued a notice on Chaitra 11, followed by a subsequent notice seven days after the deadline.

This initiative is in line with the Education Act (2028), which underscores the importance of reflecting Nepali identity in school names. Provisions for such renaming are outlined in Rule 154(1) of the Education Regulations, 2059 (including amendments), and Rule 70 of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City School Education Management Regulations, 2074.

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