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Kathmandu Don Bosco College Signs MOU with IMC, Austria

May 29, 2023
Kathmandu Don Bosco College Signs MOU with IMC, Austria
KMC Lalitpur

In the Seminar Hall of Katmandu Don Bosco College (KDBC), a momentous event occurred on May 27, 2023. KDBC achieved a noteworthy feat by entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with IMC University, a prominent Applied Science College situated in Austria. The purpose of this agreement is to forge a collaborative alliance for research and academic endeavors.

During the ceremony, Hon. Prof. Heinz Boyer from IMC University and Mr. Kapil Dev Regmi, Director of KDBC, affixed their signatures to the MOU. Prof. Boyer, in his speech, emphasized the importance of fostering collaboration with Nepalese institutions. He highlighted the significance of student exchange programs, enabling them to access diverse learning opportunities from both Austrian and Nepalese perspectives. Both signatories articulated their unified vision for fostering cross-cultural understanding, elevating educational standards, and fortifying the academic landscape through this strategic partnership.

Through this collaborative partnership, the involved parties aspire to advance academic and cultural exchanges, ease faculty and student mobility, and nurture collaborative research endeavors. The agreement will empower both institutions to leverage their unique strengths and expertise, generating a wide range of opportunities for educational communities in both countries.

By forging this partnership with IMC University, renowned for its academic excellence and research contributions, Kathmandu Don Bosco College (KDBC), recognized for its dedication to delivering high-quality education, stands to gain substantial advantages. The collaboration will facilitate the exchange of faculty members and researchers, enabling the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of best practices between the two institutions.

The official signing of this MOU serves as a reaffirmation of the steadfast commitment of Kathmandu Don Bosco College and IMC University to embrace internationalization and foster global engagement. By pooling together their resources, expertise, and networks, both institutions aspire to cultivate a vibrant and dynamic environment that nurtures intellectual growth and promotes fruitful international collaborations.

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