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Karnali Academy of Health Sciences Welcomes Indian Students, Expands Global Partnerships

February 27, 2024
Karnali Academy of Health Sciences Welcomes Indian Students, Expands Global Partnerships
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Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) has welcomed three students from India, signaling a significant step towards fostering an international learning environment. The inclusion of these students in KAHS's MBBS program underscores the institution's commitment to excellence in medical education across South Asia.

Hailing from Jammu and Kashmir, Sakshi Gupta and Kasturi Singh, along with Kartike Mishra from Allahpur, Uttar Pradesh, are part of KAHS's initiative to promote diversity among its student body and encourage cross-cultural exchange and understanding. Their enrollment comes as KAHS announces an expanded quota for its MBBS program, from 20 students initially to 50 students this year, reflecting the growing confidence of the Medical Education Commission in KAHS's educational prowess.

KAHS has actively sought international collaborations to enrich its educational offerings. A notable partnership with Sunway Medical Center at Sunway University in Malaysia aims to facilitate exchange programs for medical professionals, enhancing learning and training experiences for both institutions. Additionally, KAHS has forged agreements with Memorial University of Canada for research and advanced medical training programs, further bolstering its international presence and academic reputation.

In a move to blend traditional knowledge with modern medical practices, KAHS is embarking on the establishment of a research center for medicinal herbs in collaboration with Shanxi University in Chongxi Province, China. This initiative is part of KAHS's broader strategy to make substantial contributions to healthcare improvement through research and education.

The enrollment of international students and the establishment of global partnerships mark a new era for KAHS and medical education in Nepal. By attracting students and professionals from around the world, KAHS is not only enhancing its educational environment but also contributing to the global medical community. These developments hold the promise of raising the quality of healthcare education and services in Nepal, offering hopeful prospects for current and future medical students.

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