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Hult Prize Ignites Entrepreneurial Spirit at IOE

January 23, 2024
Hult Prize Ignites Entrepreneurial Spirit at IOE
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The Institute of Engineering (IOE) witnessed an exciting and enthusiastic fourth round of entrepreneurship exploration as the Hult Prize took center stage on January 20. Hosted at the Himalayan College of Engineering, the program, which focused on the upcoming Hult Prize Campus Level Competition, highlighted the crucial role of mentorship in shaping the participants' entrepreneurial journey.

Emceed by Sampada Tandukar, the event kicked off with a warm welcome to guests and expressions of gratitude to sponsors. Department Head Ashok Gharti Magar extended a welcoming speech, setting the tone for the insightful sessions that followed.

Niraj Pradhan, the first guest speaker, delivered a captivating presentation on "Ideas," delving into the conceptualization, generation, and implementation of ideas. Using the example of the revolutionary cyberTruck, Pradhan underscored the transformative power of even small ideas. He emphasized the connection between design thinking and innovation, encouraging the audience to consider the impact of their ideas on a broader scale. Audience suggestions were also acknowledged as valuable inputs for potential improvements and increased profitability.

In a surprising turn, Shreyansh announced a 50% discount on food at the college canteen for users of the new food delivery app, Froker, adding a unique flavor to the program.

The program continued with Suhent Vikram Shah, a Himalayan College of Engineering graduate involved in FinTech and the Web environment. Shah generously provided the interactive audience with a free digital star map from the Milantara team. He shared valuable insights on discovering one's role, understanding societal needs, and navigating challenges with innovative solutions. Stressing the importance of teamwork, Shah outlined the key steps for a successful business journey: crafting an idea, forming a team, and executing the plan. He encouraged participants to overcome fear and procrastination, asserting that no idea is inherently poor.

The formal conclusion of the program included a symbolic handover ceremony and an opportunity for participants to address queries. The active and enthusiastic engagement of participants contributed to the overall success of the event. The experiences and presentations from guests left a lasting impact, inspiring the aspiring entrepreneurs in attendance.

The Hult Prize sponsors, including Protozone Host, Tasked, and Rastriya Banijya Bank, played a pivotal role in organizing the program on a grand scale. Their support ensured the success of this entrepreneurial exploration, setting the stage for future rounds and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within the Institute of Engineering community.

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