​HSEB changed into National Exams Board



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With the certification of The Education Act (Eighth Amendment), 2016 by the President Bidya Devi Bhandari Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) has been transformed into the National Exams Board (NEB) on Wednesday.

After the transformation, Vice-Chairman Chaitanya Sharma has been seen off by the HSEB employees. He was appointed two years back.

Till the new chairperson is appointed, the education secretary, who is the ex officio vice chairperson of NEB, will be working as acting chairperson.

Education Secretary Bishwo Prakash Pandit in his capacity as acting chairperson of the NEB today visited the previous HSEB building to replace its signboard with that of NEB. He also directed all division chiefs and employees in the office to continue their duties until further notice.

However, Member Secretary Narayan Prasad Koirala is a joint secretary level official, so he is to continue his job in different capacity at the NEB.

Outgoing Vice-Chairman Sharma said as a new mechanism has begun with the curriculum design and management of examination of the secondary level, additional human resources and physical infrastructures are required to the NEB for smooth functioning.

Moreover, the HSEB's transformation to NEB has ended the School Leaving Certificate exams. A nation-wide exam would be held at grade 12.

For the appointment of the chairman in the NEB, a recommendation committee has been formed with the chairmanship of the Public Service Commission. Employees of the dissolved HSEB will now be integrated into the new set up of NEB.

Decision of the First meetings:

The first meeting of NEB chaired by Bishwo Prakash Pandit today decided to hand over letters to HSEB employees to certify that they were now employees of NEB.The HSEB had a total of 425 employees.

Similarly, the meeting also decided to allow the Office of the Controller of Examinations (SLC board) to continue its regular works until further notice.

The examinations controller office under previous HSEB will now be conducting Grade XI and XII examinations under NEB.

Decision of Ministry of Education (MOE), Nepal

Ministry of Education (MoE) decided to form a committee headed by director general of the Department of Education to investigate applications for affiliations to new higher secondary schools and take necessary decisions.

The existing 3,600 higher secondary schools monitored by the HSEB will now run under the Department of Education. For this, respective divisions/sections of previous HSEB will help DoE by handing over documents.

Thescholarship exams for Grade XI announced by previous HSEB will be conducted by DoE. The regional offices under previous HSEB will conduct scholarship exams in coordination with district education offices, while the results would be announced by DEOs.

Dr Laba Deo Awasthi, joint-secretary at the MoE, has been appointed NEB member secretary.

A committee under the coordination of MoE Joint Secretary Hari Prasad Lamsal has been formed to amend the education regulations as per the amended Education Act.