NEB Published Grade 11 Result Today (LIVE UPDATES)




12:00 AM: Grade 11 Result of 2076 is published!!!!!!!!!! Visit to view your NEB Grade 11 result!

11:50 AM: We are still uploading. The result can be accessed within few minutes from now.

10:46 AM: The result is out! We are currently uploading it on our site:

10:25 AM: The grade 11 result is going to be published around the mid-afternoon today.

9:30 AM: Our team has reached NEB office and they are waiting for the data.

8 AM, 24 Sept, 2019: We just got call from National Examination Board. Our team is preparing to leave for NEB office to get result data. 

National Examination Board (NEB) published the results of Grade 11 Examination (Science, Management, Humanities and Education) today. 

The Grade 11 (XI) exam was held from Baishakh 29, 2076 to Jestha 08, 2076 (May 12 to May 22, 2019) all over the country without any disturbance. Previously the results of Grade 11 and Grade 12 examination used to be published in Percentage but from the past few years, NEB has introduced the letter grading system for Grade 11 and 12 Results.

After the result get published, you can check your results along with gradesheet from Schools can check/download the result of their students after login in (school section).

The Grade XI and XII Result come out in the form of GPA (Grade Point Average), with the highest GPA being 4.00. The GPA is based on the percentage of each of the subjects (Average of Theory and Practical Marks). The Grading system has been introduced to motivate students as they don't get a "failed" grade like in the percentage system of scores.

How to Check Grade XI Result with mark sheet?

Students, Teachers, Guardians, and other stakeholders can check the result of Class 11 Science, Management, Humanities, Law, and Education with full mark-sheet via various websites, SMS service providers, and/or IVR services.

edusanjal being the leading education portal of Nepal has been the official result publishing partner of National Examination Board (NEB) for the past many years. Students can check the results of Grade 11 of all subjects (Science, Management and Humanities) with mark-sheet at edusanjal once the result is published.

Students can also check Grade XI result in the websites of the National Examination Board (NEB), Nepal Telecom (NTC), Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST), etc.

Previous Year Class 11 Result Statistics

In the previous academic year 2075, altogether 5 lakh 48 thousand and 445 students participated in Grade 11 examinations held in various parts of the Country.

Consequently, the results of the exam were announced on October 6, 2019.

Find the detailed statistics in the table below:


Number of Students

3.61 to 4.0


3.21 to 3.60


2.81 to 3.20


2.41 to 2.80


2.01 to 2.40


1.61 to 2.00


1.21 to 1.60


0.81 to 1.59


0 to 0.80