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A-Levels 2081

Government Sets New Eligibility for Teaching License Examination

May 30, 2023
Last updated May 31, 2023
Government Sets New Eligibility for Teaching License Examination

Finance Minister Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat, during the budget presentation for the fiscal year 2080-81, announced a significant change regarding the eligibility for the teaching permit or license examination. The government has introduced a new provision that allows students from all subjects to sit for the examination, eliciting a range of perspectives and reactions.

The budget speech also highlighted additional reforms, including promoting qualified teachers to upper-level positions and implementing skill tests for self-declared human resources with domestic or international skills. The inclusion of individuals from diverse educational backgrounds in the teaching license examination is a positive move toward increasing the diversity of the teaching workforce. However, it remains crucial to ensure stringent standards and quality assurance in the teaching profession to uphold the integrity and effectiveness of the education system.

The government's announcement has created new prospects for teachers from all subject backgrounds who haven't studied education but aspire to pursue a career in teaching. Nonetheless, apprehensions have emerged regarding the potential devaluation of teaching credentials for those who have specialized in education. Specifically, schools are grappling with a shortage of teachers in English, Science, and Mathematics, alongside a scarcity of instructors in technical subjects. Following the implementation of the teaching permit, a provision will be established to issue permits specifically for teaching technical subjects in addition to other disciplines.

The outcomes of last year's examination conducted by the Teachers Service Commission were disheartening. Commission officials reacted by stating that those who have studied pedagogy excel in the field of 'pedagogy,' while those who haven't studied pedagogy excel in 'content.' Education experts also acknowledge that there is a lack of 'content' in the pedagogy subject. They argue that although individuals can obtain a teaching license regardless of their chosen subject, it would be more suitable to offer training at a later stage.

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