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Enforcement Directive Issued for Teachers Without Teaching Permits in Dhangadhi

April 15, 2024
Enforcement Directive Issued for Teachers Without Teaching Permits in Dhangadhi
KMC Lalitpur

In a recent development, Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City in Kailali has issued a directive aimed at curbing unauthorized teaching activities within its jurisdiction. According to the directive, individuals lacking teaching permits who engage in teaching within the city limits will face consequences.

The directive, issued by the Sub-Metropolitan City's education development and coordination unit, comes in response to concerns over unqualified individuals leading educational activities. Additionally, the city has taken note of a letter from the Commission for Abuse of Authority, urging action against such unauthorized practices.

Schools within Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City have been instructed to ensure compliance with the regulations. They are required to grant leave to any individual found teaching without the necessary permit within 10 days, following the completion of required procedures.

Furthermore, the city administration has emphasized the importance of gathering information on unauthorized teachers operating in both community and institutional schools. This data collection effort is aimed at facilitating necessary actions against violators of teaching regulations.

Officials warn that failure to possess a valid teaching permit will result in strict enforcement measures. The Sub-Metropolitan City underscores its commitment to upholding educational standards and ensuring that only qualified individuals are entrusted with teaching responsibilities within its jurisdiction.

View the official notice below:

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