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Education Center Issues Guidelines for Teachers Return to Work

May 12, 2024
Education Center Issues Guidelines for Teachers Return to Work
KMC Lalitpur

The Center for Education and Human Resource Development has issued directives for the resumption of work for all teachers. This directive, outlined in a signed letter by the center's director Narayan Prasad Pokharel, encompasses 77 different job titles for teachers, providing comprehensive guidance for their return.

The directive, which comes in the wake of a ministerial decision from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology on Baisakh 25, mandates the return to work for all teachers across various educational institutions. It emphasizes adherence to the Education Act 2028, specifically sub-section (1) of Section 16, Chapter 2, which outlines the roles and responsibilities of teachers within community schools.

According to the directive, teachers in community schools are instructed to focus solely on educational activities within their respective institutions, including teaching and school administration-related tasks. The directive prohibits them from engaging in external work activities without prior approval from the management committee and the head of the Education Development and Coordination Unit, as stipulated by the Education Regulations 2059 in clause (ज) of sub-rule 1 of rule 133.

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