Dr. Januka Paudel Named Edusanjal's Person of the Month

August 30, 2021

Dr. Januka Paudel, Principal of Neel Barahi Secondary School, was named Edusanjal's Person of the Month for August 2021. In acknowledgment of her contribution to public education reform, Edusanjal presented Dr. Paudel with a letter of commendation and an emblem.

Edusanjal honoured her with the award in recognition of her lengthy engagement with public education, having been in the teaching profession since 2049, according to Rajan Koirala, Chief Business Officer of Edusanjal.

She has been a major contributor to the enhancement of thematic teaching, improving the quality of education, and assisting in the development of infrastructure as the chairman of the Women Teacher's Society. 

 Neel Barahi Secondary School, which presently educates over 1200 students, was on the verge of closing down before Dr. Paudel took over as the Principal of the school.

She has so far been honored with the Education Day Medal (2066) by the Ministry of Education and the Best Teacher Award (2074) of the PP Prasai Foundation.

Born in Panchkhal, Kavre on Jestha 27, 2026 BS, she started her teaching career from Janajyoti Secondary School, Janagal, Kavre. She has been working in Neel Barahi SS, Tankeshwar, Kathmandu since 2050 BS.