District Education Offices across the country dissolved


April 12, 2018
Last updated June 18, 2024
KMC Lalitpur

District Education Offices across the country are going to be reformed as District Education Development and Co-ordination Units from today. Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has informed today about the reformation.   

The Ministry had instructed the District Education Officers to dissolve all the District Education Offices of the country and establish the coordination units on Wednesday. Ministry has also directed the District Education Officers of the previous bodies to remain as the chief of newly established units.

The units will be established in the same location as previous for now. According to the Assistant Secretary of Ministry, the units will monitor and conduct the work such as monitoring of examination of grade 8 and 10, keep the teachers data, retirement of teachers and so on.

At present, the chief of the offices will be "Deputy Secretary of the Education Service and "Branch Officer". The former position of District Education Officer has been ommited.

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