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Digital Learning Takes Center Stage in Bhojpur with E-Learning Initiative

May 05, 2024
Digital Learning Takes Center Stage in Bhojpur with E-Learning Initiative
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A pioneering campaign titled 'E-Learning Center Establishment' has been sweeping through the educational landscape of Bhojpur. Led by Former Finance Minister Shankar Prasad Koirala and supported by the Ishwar Mandir Kathmandu organization, this initiative aims to bridge the gap between traditional learning and modern technology.

The latest milestone in this endeavor was reached today (May 05) with the inauguration of an E-Learning Center at Tribhuvan Dharmodaya Secondary School in Tyamkemaiyum Rural Municipality -2 Chhinamukh.

Since its inception in 2005, this campaign has made significant strides, providing crucial resources to educational institutions. Pramesh KC, the chairman of the supporting organization, highlighted the contributions, including the provision of 20 computer sets and electrical equipment like smart TVs, emphasizing the importance of integrating technology seamlessly into the learning process.

"The world of education is evolving rapidly, and it's imperative that our students are equipped with not just textbooks but also with the latest technological tools," remarked KC, underlining the campaign's mission to enhance learning effectiveness.

The organization has not only Tribhuvan Dharmodaya Secondary School in Chhinamukh but also Bhojpur Multiple Campus in Bhojpur Municipality, Bidyodaya Secondary School, Jansewa Basic School, Saraswati Basic School, Adarsh Shishu Basic School, Sagarmatha Secondary School in Hatuwagadhi Rural Municipality, Arun Secondary School in Shadanand Municipality, and Sharada Secondary School in Arun Rural Municipality. The organization has already contributed to the establishment of the e-learning center by providing computers and other materials.

Sanket Koirala, the organization's General Secretary, illuminated the broader vision behind the campaign, emphasizing the establishment of technology-integrated libraries to facilitate seamless learning experiences. "In today's digital age, it's not just about pen and paper; students need access to computers and technology. That's why we're extending our support to schools across Bhojpur," remarked Koirala, outlining plans for future expansion.

Rajan Rai, the Principal of Tribhuvan Dharmodaya Secondary School, expressed gratitude for the 'Students Together, Computer in Hand' campaign's transformative impact and acknowledged its pivotal role in elevating the school's educational standards.

Saroj Basnet, the chairman of Tyamkemaiyum Rural Municipality, echoed Rai's sentiments, expressing confidence in the E-Learning Centers' ability to inspire students and enhance educational quality.

Looking ahead, former Minister Koirala underscored the campaign's commitment to furthering its reach, with plans to extend support to more schools in Bhojpur. "Every school must become technology-friendly, and we're committed to making that a reality," affirmed Koirala, signaling a new era of educational transformation in Bhojpur.

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