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Committee's Discussion with Ministry on Vice-Chancellor Appointment

February 12, 2024
Committee's Discussion with Ministry on Vice-Chancellor Appointment

The Education, Health, and Information Technology Committee within the Federal Parliament's House of Representatives has scheduled a discussion for tomorrow with the coordinator of the selection committee regarding the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor of Tribhuvan University.

The committee will delve into discussions surrounding the Vice-Chancellor's appointment process, including coordination with the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology. On Magh 29, 2080, the committee provided information to the ministry for deliberation on topics related to the Vice-Chancellor's appointment process.

Controversy and opposition arose during the National Assembly meeting on Magh 29, particularly concerning the inclusion of disputed and former Vice-Chancellors in the shortlist. This opposition was also evident on social media regarding the Vice-Chancellor's shortlist.

The committee, tasked with recommending names for the Vice-Chancellor's appointment, publicly disclosed the shortlist on the night of Magh 25.

The names of individuals such as Kushum Shakya, Keshar Jung Baral, Govinda Subedi, Chitra Bahadur Budhathoki, Gyanendra Prasad Poudel, Tankanath Dhamala, Tirtharaj Khaniya, Narayan Prasad Belbase, and Prakash Ghimire have been made public. Additionally, the names of Bhojraj Aryal, Mahendra Prasad Sharma, Ramchandra Basnet, Shivalal Bhushal, and Surya Bahadur Thapa have also been disclosed.

Among those publicly named, one is a former Vice-Chancellor, one is the current Vice-Chancellor, and several others have previously served as Vice-Chancellors at various universities.

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