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Campion College Celebrates Social Work Day


March 19, 2021
Last updated July 25, 2021
KMC Lalitpur

On the occasion of Social Work day, Campion College felicitated the young social worker Mr. Samir Shrestha, Founder Member of Dirgajeev Voluntary Organization. Mr. Shrestha has been working for the underprivileged children suffering from cancer by providing them daycare during their chemotherapy.

Campion College has been committed to developing among its students a strong professional base for Social Work. It is dedicated to ensuring students get holistic education with practical experience so as to enable them to enter into the real-world well equipped as well as with much zeal. To stimulate the same zeal, Campion has been supporting them in their undertakings of different nature. One of such undertakings was the donation program they organized in the spirit of Social Work day. BSW students collected storybooks, toys, and stationery for the children in the program. These gifts were donated to Dirgajeev Voluntary Organization with a sentiment of support to children fighting against cancer.

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