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Call for Removal of Non-Student Residents from Sanothimi Campus Dormitories

February 09, 2024
Call for Removal of Non-Student Residents from Sanothimi Campus Dormitories
KMC Lalitpur

Students are staging protests following an attempt to evict non-student residents from the dormitories at the Sanothimi campus.

Despite repeated agreements between the campus administration and student representatives, implementation of these agreements has not occurred, leading to unrest among the student body. The situation came to light when a protesting student revealed that the campus chief's chair was occupied during the protest in the courtyard. This incident occurred after the administration provided accommodation in the dormitories for students who had not been admitted to the campus after completing their undergraduate and postgraduate classes.

Various student organizations, including the Nepal Student Union, All Nepal National Free Students Union, and Akhil (Revolutionary), have declared that they surrounded the chair of Campus Chief Jagatkrishna Pokharel, a move reminiscent of the one undertaken by the Independent Student Union when they expelled him. The campus administration confirmed the information: "Non-student residents are in the hostel, and we cannot expel them. Doing so poses a risk to their lives." An employee of the campus administration branch mentioned, "One group locked the chair, another put a lock on the administration, and then it was opened. Whether there was an agreement or not is unknown."

Independent Student Union President Resham Lal Shrestha has announced that they will agree to hostel management within 10 days, after which the lock will be opened.

The hostel, affected by the earthquake of 2072 BS, resumed operations after reconstruction. Currently, 48 students are residing in the hostel. Before the quake, the hostel's capacity was 80, according to information from the campus administration.

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