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Women's Marathon 2024 - Hult Prize at KCM

March 08, 2024 02:15
March 08, 2024 08:15
Kathmandu College of Management, Gwarko, Laltipur
  • 071-437567
Women's Marathon 2024 - Hult Prize at KCM

Hult Prize at Kathmandu College of Management is set to host a 5km race in collaboration with "We United Project" and "She's The First Organization of New York, USA." The 5KM Race 2024 stands as more than a mere competition; it symbolizes a tribute to women's resilience, strength, and solidarity. Positioned to become one of Nepal's most significant and impactful events for women, it aims to foster inclusivity by bringing together individuals of diverse ages, experiences, and capabilities to commemorate empowerment and unity. The event will serve as a platform to showcase the inherent strength and potential present in every woman. Participation spans across various age groups, professions, and backgrounds, promising sponsors extensive exposure and access to a diverse customer demographic.

Registration for the Women's Marathon

Registration remains open until March 07, with on-site registration also an option. To enroll, individuals can either scan the provided QR code or get in touch with Nyima Choezom Sherpa, the campus director of Hult Prize KCM, at +977-9818185578.

Key Details for the Women's Marathon

  • Date of Marathon: March 08, 2024 (Friday)
  • Time of Event: 8:00 AM
  • Venue: Kathmandu College of Management, Gwarko, Lalitpur
  • Participation Fees: NO Fees

About the Race

  • The race is set to commence from KCM itself, located in Gwarko, Lalitpur.
  • The race route encompasses the following points: starting at Gwarko (KCM), proceeding through Satdobato, Classic Chowk, Akshay Bhatika Chowk, 7 Ways Futsal, Sindhuli Chok, Shiva Tole Gate, and concluding back at Gwarko (KCM).
  • Participants will run with a purpose, bearing a tagline reflecting whom they're running for and conveying a message emphasizing women's empowerment.
  • The minimum age requirement for participants is 15 years and above.

Objectives of the Women's Marathon

  • To empower and celebrate women by providing a platform for physical fitness, personal achievement, and community engagement.
  • Through this event, we aim to inspire women of all ages and backgrounds to prioritize their well-being, promote a healthy lifestyle, and foster a sense of unity and strength.
  • Additionally, the marathon seeks to raise awareness about women's issues and contribute to a charitable cause dedicated to advancing women's education and empowerment.
  • By creating a space for women to come together, the Women's Marathon 2024 aspires to instill a sense of confidence, resilience, and empowerment, leaving a lasting impact on individuals and communities across Nepal.