Valley Wide Inter College Essay Competition



SORD Nepal is an organization formed by the enthusiastic students studying in different universities of Nepal. This is non-political & research based organization. SORD Nepal stands for student’s organization for research & Development in Nepal. This organization is established in 2065 BS and from the period of its establishment it is being involved and collaborated with various social and other organizations for carrying out many research and findings along with preparing report and submitting them to the concern authorities so far.

Objectives of Programme:

In the present context, how the literate unemployment is affecting society and the whole nation, how the problems like brain drain with politics is hampering our nation and intellectuals what are the better ways to eradicate such problems forever. To collect the opinion, suggestions on the same subject matter & to submit to the concern authorities along with publishing and broadcasting them. We are going to organize valley wide inter college essay competition on the topic “Literate Unemployment; Today’s Problems & Its Challenges” on July 30, 2011 at Prime College, Khusibu, Nayabazaarr, Kathmandu.

Students from university level (from Bachelor level & above) can take part in this competition so that we believe that their opinions & their thinking may work as a guideline for the policy makers of the country. Moreover, this is the competition for the students with the aim to develop their personality growth. There is a saying that “Thinking for today, tomorrow will be itself happier”. That is why we make a step to find out the cause and effects relationship of literate unemployment so that there will not be a problems in near future.

Long-term Vision:

We find literate unemployment as most complex problem so due to this reason, the selected topic seems to have timeliness. We further made a plan to convey opinions from most reputed and popular educationists. This is why we believe that our program will work as a milestone for the betterment of the education sector of Nepal.

Programme details,

Date September 10, 2011
Time 11:00 am
Venue Prime College, Nayabazaar, KTM.
Chief Guest Dr. Baburam Bhattarai

Terms & conditions for the participation:

  1. Essay can be written either in Nepali or in English medium. But one competitor must choose only one medium these.
  2. Participants must be of university level students (Bachelor or above).
  3. The related college must write the letter to the name of our organization along with their selected participants.
  4. Essay must be written not by exceeding 400 words.
  5. Pre published/broadcasted essay is highly rejected.
  6. Essay must be well computer typed or fairly written in one side of the paper.
  7. Essay must be reached to P.B.O. No. 9967, Kathmandu or SORD Nepal's office, Nayabazaar, Kathmandu (Phone 4389596) or email address : or Prime College, Khusibu, Nayabazaar, Kathmandu within the deadline of Bhadra 10 (August 27, 2011). We will be response less for the essay submitted after the deadline.
  8. From among the submitted essays, the selected based 10 essays must have to be recited Bhadra 24 (September 10) after that best 4 essays will be selected.
  9. On Bhadra 24 (September 10) the selected best 4 essays will get felicitated by certificates and prizes.
  10. Participants are required to submit their contact address along with their essays.
  11. For more details and information please feel free to visit our webpage or contact us in 01-4389596.
  12. The best two essays will be published and broadcasted.
  13. All the responsibility of selection of essays is totally vested on the determined team of intellectuals of the SORD Nepal.
  14. All rights regarding the programme shall be reserved within SORD NEPAL.
  15. For more details about the programme please feel free to buzz us on 01-4389596 or contact us via email.
Prize Distribution Amount
1st 10,000
2nd 8,000
3rd 5,000
Consolation 3,000