TBC Job Fair 3.0

September 02, 2022 04:15
September 02, 2022 11:15
The British College
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TBC Job Fair 3.0

The British College is pleased to announce that on 2nd September 2022, the "TBC Job Fair 3.0" will be taking place at The British College, on the ground floor of the Trade Tower building, Thapathali.

Following the success of the last two job fairs held at the College, all final-year undergraduate as well as postgraduate students, and TBC Alumni are invited to the job fair. Each participant will then have the opportunity to apply for top employment opportunities and selective placement programmes. 

To ensure that there is something of interest for everyone attending, TBC has made an effort to engage a variety of businesses from different sectors and has amassed a substantial list of well-known firms including Leapfrog, Daraz, The Chaudhary Group, IMS, BeyondID, Nepal Payment Solution (Digi hub), Subisu Cablenet, Genius Designs Pvt. Ltd, Act 360, Yeti Airlines, E-Sewa, Gense, Rigo Technology, Unilever, Classic Tech, Majestic Marketing, The Idea Jar, UN, Loop Networks, Sulab Pay and of course The British College.

Amardeep Mandal, Head of Marketing at TBC, said of the event, “Leading businesses will be getting together to create a platform for our student's abilities and concepts, and it will be a fantastic opportunity for them to network and learn more about the current job market”.

To make sure the students have the best possible chance to succeed during the Fair, TBC is also giving them the opportunity to meet with specialists beforehand who will provide training sessions, including guidance on CV creation and interview preparation.

Sunil Shrestha, Head of Student Internship affairs at TBC said, “The British College views the Fair as a continuation of their ongoing purpose to train students outside of the classroom and support them in every manner possible before and after graduation, by teaching them the skills that are most pertinent to the job market today”.